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At the J we take a multi-generational and outcomes directed approach to our programming. Our diversified portfolio of programming is industry leading and includes options for youth, adults, mature adults and those with modifiable disease. We offer exclusive programming to help you live life well.

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Kids Karate

A program that will help your children learn the fine art of Karate in a safe, yet challenging environment with a world class instructor. Classes will include classical Karate training, while incorporating age-appropriate games and exercises to keep your young ones engaged and wanting more.

Krav Maga

Want to really burn some calories? Sign up for our Krav Maga program where we fuse real Israeli military self-defense with a fitness routine desgined to strengthen & tone every muscle in your body. Come out of every class feelng agile, coordinated, and more flexible than ever.


Learn and develop new technical skills, self-confidence, self-discipline, all while getting in a great cardio-based workout in our amazing Combat Studio. This is a program for those who want to learn something new, see fitness results, and have fun doing it too.


Triathlon Club

Looking to complete your first triathlon or prepare for the next competition. We have you covered. Our expert coaches will teach specific elements of each individual sport so that athletes are fully prepared come race day.

Functional Health & Wellness

Live Well: Fall Prevention

Feeling off-balanced, losing strength or lacking energy? Live Well: Fall Prevention is designed to support older adults through their wellness journey and make everyday tasks easier. This program uses various tools and modalities such as chair exercises, free weights, flexibility and balance training to increase your range of motion, muscular endurance and reduce risk of falls! Take back your independence today and prevent risk of falls and injury through this fantastic program.

Aqua Revive

A great program for those who are coming back from an injury or dealing with chronic health issues as the water reducing impact on the joints by supporting up to 85% of body weight, provides a perfect environment for those with injuries or limitations.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great way to reduce stress & anxiety all while improving your flexibility and balance. It has often been described as meditation in motion but can also be described as “medicine” in motion as there is increasing evidence that states Tai Chi has numerous health benefits including treating and preventing health problems. Tai Chi’s slow, smooth body movements are an excellent way to improve digestion and your overall fitness level. This relaxing class will have you ready to take on any of life’s challenges that come throughout your week!

Barre with Bey

What do you get when combine one’s love for Beyonce music and the benefits of barre fitness? Barre with Bey! This unique program incorporates beginner barre exercises followed by active stretching to improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Join this fun follow-along dance class designed to get you sweating, smiling & connecting with your inner lady!

Parkinson's Programs

We provide evidence based programs to support those with Parkinson's. By choosing to be a part of this exciting program, not only will you be able to better cope with Parkinson's, but you will improve your cognition, self-confidence, and quality of life as well!


Sprout Sports

This youth multi-sport program aims to improve and further develop children's gross motor skills and physical literacy through the incorporation of various games and sports

J-Fit Teen Training

J-Fit is a fun and dynamic program to introduce teens to world of Fitness. Designed to be an age-appropriate and progressive small group exercise class, teens will be safely guided through various exercises through circuits and boot camp style programming.

Parent & Child Training

Looking for a program both you and your child can do together? Join our joint training class to bond with your child while working towards a common goal: getting fit & healthy! Led by a Certified Personal Trainer, you’ll be safely guided through progressive and diverse workouts and circuits that focus on full-body conditioning. Together, you and your child will become stronger and ready to take on new challenges. 

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