New Fitness Equipment

Welcoming the new additions to our Fitness Equipment Family!

We have an announcement to make! There’s a new addition to our family, and they aren’t babies!

We have 2 brand new Life Fitness strength machines: the High Row, and the Incline Press. Both come with adjustable seating, are plate-loaded, and offer more opportunities for muscle growth! The High Row is used to target your back and is a nice alternative to our Low Row machine. By using both the High and Low Row, we can target the back at different angles.

To use this machine correctly, you have to adjust your shoulders in the correct position (down and back) to stabilize your position. Pull through with the elbows and feel the squeeze in your mid back. The angle of this High Pull machine allows you to target the latissimus dorsi muscles (lats) more.

The best part about this machine is that it complements the second addition to our fitness center, the Incline Press. The Incline Press is a compound exercise similar to the bench press; the difference is that it targets the front of the shoulders and upper chest. Although the movement and muscles targeted are similar to the incline bench press, using this machine allows for more stability as you build up the confidence and strength to tackle the incline bench press.

Make sure to stop by the fitness centre and ask our Trainer on Duty to help you try these new babies out!

- Jayden Hylton
Certified Personal Trainer

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