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 I had a unique learning experience one day in August, when I received an invitation along with my co-workers, to meet and listen to Harley Pasternak speak. Originally from Toronto, Harley has truly built an empire, trainer to the stars, author of several nutrition books and even a blender with his name on it. He was in Toronto for a fitness conference and made time in his schedule to speak with our group. He began with his very interesting and impressive background and then went on to talk about the Personal Training Tool Box. As trainers we know it is vital to train based on your client’s goals, their fitness level, and many other variables that play a role in what their exercise program will look like. We must keep our exercise designs and progressions new and exciting. Harley’s main point was to keep our exercise sessions “Fresh”. It is very important for our bodies and minds to be challenged, so that we will adhere to an exercise program and reach our goals.




Harley also talked about the importance of quality over quantity. You do not have to be in the gym for two hours at a time. When you understand the muscles that you are working and learn some great exercises, using your own body weight, dumbbells, machines, always mixing it up, you can get a great workout in 25-30 minutes. He also talked about the importance for women in particular, and men for that matter, to focus on strengthening their posterior chain. Our posture - as a society - working for hours on end in front of computers, gradually deteriorates as we age. It is vital to keep our backs strong! He also is an avid believer in walking as many steps as you can each day, take a walk for that coffee, park farther away in the parking lot, just keep moving. And of utmost importance, to eat healthy!


When our time with Harley was over, all I could think was, I wish we had more time with him. Though I have been a trainer for a third of the time that he has, with much less experience, I felt empowered about my own training and lifestyle philosophy, as it is similar to this trainer whom I have admired for years!


Written by: Marcie Albert (Personal Trainer at the SRC)

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