Being a Dance Mom... The importance of Dance to your child’s development


Dance moms often get a bad reputation, but as it turns out they are doing their little ones the biggest mitzvah of all. Yes I plan to back this bold statement but first, who am I? My name is Lisa Oberman Hazin and I am a professional dancer running the dance programs at the JCC for children ages newborn – 9 years old. I myself have a 10 month old daughter who has been dancing literally since she was first in the womb. I find that anytime I play the songs we danced to while I was pregnant, it automatically has an immediate calming effect on my little one!! Meaning my little one will go from wailing to smiling, try it out new moms!


Research shows that not only is dance a fun and enjoyable way to pass time, dancing also stimulates almost every area of your baby’s brain, encouraging the growth of vital neurotransmitters in your little ones. So dancing from day one can be fundamental to development, but do not fear it is never too late! I started dancing when I was 5 years old and have never looked back. If rhythm and movement are a consistent part of your child’s life from an early age, the ability to express themselves through creative movement will stay with them forever. Dancing is an art form that encourages rhythm and movements that truly do stay with you throughout life and aid in self-expression.


We all envision our children growing up to be confident adults and I can most definitely attest to the connection between childhood dance classes and social awareness, cognitive development, and emotional maturity.


At the JCC your child will dance in a comfortable and safe social setting working in groups, taking turns and learning communication through movement. It is my personal goal to have each child leave my class with a smile on their face, their minds enriched and music rushing through their veins!! Now that is DANCE as I know it.


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See you soon!

Lisa Oberman 



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