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Daycare and PreschoolAt The Schwartz/Reisman center

You will always feel confident leaving your little ones at our daycare, and our before and after-school programs. We maximize their potential through education, development play, emotional nourishment and positivity.

As a Jewish school, we frame our work through Jewish lenses, values, culture and create a shared vision that we want to pass on to future generations. They open windows to transcendent Jewish values, service as transformative guides and are lived in the classroom as well as the extended school community. We believe that children are competent, capable learners, researchers and problem solvers and our teachers create a forum for children to share, discover and grow.

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Daycare Highlights

Welcoming Environment

We create a space for supportive, positive and responsive interactions between educators, children and families.

Planned excursions

Excursions are planned in the building, to promote children’s connection to their local community.

Aquatics and Sports Program

Once a week children participate in sport classes taught by a professional coach (toddler and up) and recreational swim for preschool and up.

Foster exploration and Inquiry

Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas by playing with creative /sensory materials, telling or writing stories, singing, dancing, conducting experiments, and solving problems.

Family Engagement

We foster engagement through ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children.

Community Engagement

We provide opportunities for children and families to develop close connections with a range of community supports.

Play Based Learning

Children engage in play that encourages complex thinking, aids development of essential skills, promotes the development of literacy, numeracy and other important life skills.

Musical Programs

All classes participate in music and creative movement classes taught by professional music teachers on a weekly basis!

Sheva Program

Our Sheva Program follows the following 7 elements: Children as constructivist learners,. Early childhood directors as visionaries, Early childhood educators as professionals, Families as engaged partners, Environments as inspiration for inquiry, Discover CATCH as Sh'mirat Haguf (taking care of our body), Israel as a source and resource



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7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9600 Bathurst Street
Vaughan, ON L6A 3Z8
905.303.1821 x3087

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