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Wednesday Evening Lessons

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A new swim program for a new reality. No more private lessons or group lessons. Just PODS. A POD is a designated pool space for up to 4 participants that YOU control. You pay the same price whether you have 1, 2, 3 or 4 participants in your POD. There are some very important considerations when booking:


  • Therapy Pool PODS are 30 minutes. Lap Pool PODS are 45 minutes.
  • To facilitate adequate social distancing practices instructors will only make direct physical contact in case of emergencies. It is therefore highly recommended that children be able to touch the bottom of the pool unless they are swimming at Level 5 or higher. Otherwise an adult will be required to enter the water with the participants and will occupy one of the 4 spots allocated to the POD. 
Therapy Pool 30 Mins Depth Suggested for: Lap Pool 45 Mins Depth Suggested for
Therapy Pool POD 1 60cm 3 years old Lap Pool POD 1 1-1.35m 6 years +
Therapy Pool POD 2 70cm 3-4 years old Lap Pool POD 2 1-1.35m 6 years +
Therapy Pool POD 3 70cm 3-4 years old Lap Pool POD 3 1-1.35m 6 years +
Therapy Pool POD 4 80cm 4-5 years old Lap Pool POD 4 3.15m Swim Kids 5-10
Therapy Pool POD 5 95cm 4-6 years old Lap Pool POD 5 3.15m Swim Kids 5-10
Lap Pool POD 6 3.15m Swim Kids 5-10


  • If enrolling multiple participants being close to the same swimming level is highly encouraged. Instructors will do their best to accommodate whatever the composition of the POD ends up being but no two pods will be the same. Whether you want to register all of your own children or partner up with another parent and share the POD is entirely up to you. 
  • Once you book your POD fill out your POD info here

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About Fall 2020 Wednesdays:

There are 13 lessons in this session From Sept 16 - Dec 16 and no weeks off.

Program Type: Swim,
Age range: 0-99
Classes Start: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Classes End: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Day Time # of lessons Spots Available Member Value Fee Regular Fee Code
Therapy Pool POD 1 3:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE315F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 3:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE315F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 3:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE315F20
Therapy Pool POD 4 3:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K4POD30WE315F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 3:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE315F20
Therapy Pool POD 1 4:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE400F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 4:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE400F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 4:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE400F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 4:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE400F20
Therapy Pool POD 1 4:45pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE445F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 4:45pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE445F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 4:45pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE445F20
Therapy Pool POD 4 4:45pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K4POD30WE445F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 4:45pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE445F20
Therapy Pool POD 1 5:30pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE530F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 5:30pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE530F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 5:30pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE530F20
Therapy Pool POD 4 5:30pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K4POD30WE530F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 5:30pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE530F20
Therapy Pool POD 1 6:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE615F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 6:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE615F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 6:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE615F20
Therapy Pool POD 4 6:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K4POD30WE615F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 6:15pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE615F20
Therapy Pool POD 1 7:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K1POD30WE700F20
Therapy Pool POD 2 7:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K2POD30WE700F20
Therapy Pool POD 3 7:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K3POD30WE700F20
Therapy Pool POD 4 7:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K4POD30WE700F20
Therapy Pool POD 5 7:00pm 13 CA$546.00 CA$780.00 K5POD30WE700F20
Lap Pool POD 1 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L1POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 2 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L2POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 3 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L3POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 4 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L4POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 5 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L5POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 6 3:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L6POD45WE315F20
Lap Pool POD 1 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L1POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 2 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L2POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 3 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L3POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 4 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L4POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 5 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L5POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 6 4:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L6POD45WE415F20
Lap Pool POD 1 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L1POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 2 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L2POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 3 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L3POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 4 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L4POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 5 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L5POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 6 5:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L6POD45WE515F20
Lap Pool POD 1 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L1POD45WE615F20
Lap Pool POD 2 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L2POD45WE615F20
Lap Pool POD 3 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L3POD45WE615F20
Lap Pool POD 4 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L4POD45WE615F20
Lap Pool POD 5 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L5POD45WE615F20
Lap Pool POD 6 6:15pm 13 CA$819.00 CA$1,170.00 L6POD45WE615F20

    Wednesday Evening Lessons
    Wednesday Evening Lessons

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